What Does Cloud-Based Software Mean Anyway?


It’s quite obvious the way in which daily business operations have changed since the pandemic. In fact, remote work has grown by 27% since the beginning of the COVID-19 shutdowns in April according to a graph on Statista.com

Employees everywhere continue to work from home in accordance with the CDC’s social distancing guidelines, with some companies already confirming remote work to continue until the end of the year. 

Data is showing that even after 2020, this new norm of daily operations may continue to stay, that is if productivity also continues to remain high among teleworkers. 

Research outlined in an article on Mckinsey.com revealed that 80% of people prefer remote work and 41% of people claim to be more productive than they were before. Those being forced to work remotely are starting to see the mountain of benefits it presents.

Regardless of the many reasons why you should continue to promote remote work in your business, one thing is for sure. The ability to remain both efficient and lucrative in a decentralized business setting would not be possible without the use of an effective Cloud-based software.

What is “the Cloud?”

Chances are you’ve heard a lot about the mysterious “Cloud” that allows businesses to store and share their databases remotely. But how does it work?

“The Cloud” refers to servers that are accessed over the Internet, and the software and databases that run on those servers,” according to Cloudflare.com. These servers are operated out of data centers located all around the globe. These data centers eliminate the need for buildings or individuals to have their own personal server. 

Your company data can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, on any device, and It can host numerous users at the same time. No more “oops that file is only on my work computer.”

Tons of property management companies are switching to a Cloud-based software to simplify their day-to-day operations. Here is a list the top five property management softwares according to an article on techtimes.com

  • Hotello By Mingus Software
  • Buildium By Realpage
  • PropertyWare By Realpage
  • Appfolio Property Manager by Appfolio, Inc.
  • ResMan Platform and Solutions

Rather than worrying about their personal server maintenance and upkeep, both businesses and individuals can use the Cloud to cut IT cost and have safer, more accessible data. The Cloud’s scalable nature allows it to meet the needs of any company no matter how big or small, according to an article on stratoscale.com

What COVID-19 Means for Cloud-Based Software

As the pandemic endures, more and more Americans are finding themselves working from home. In an April survey published on Statista.com, 17% of respondents said they worked from home five days per week before the pandemic. 

That number jumped to an alarming 44% when COVID-19 cases began to spike earlier this year.

With more people working from home for the first time, they are finally realizing the many benefits this provides them. Fundera states that Full-time teleworkers save around $4,000 every year by avoiding gas payments, professional clothing, parking payments, etc. 

On the other end, employers who offer telework options can save up to $44 billion per year, and are more desirable for prospective employees. “The costs that can be reduced or avoided include mortgage or lease, utilities, janitorial services, office supplies, coffee and water expenses, office equipment, furniture and transit subsidies,” said an article on nbcnews.com

With time and money being saved by both employees and employers, remote work is proving to be the new model of productive businesses. And none of it would be possible without Cloud-based software.

How Your Business Can Utilize the Cloud

Savvy business owners have steadily been finding ways to use the Cloud to cut through the clutter of day-to-day business. Even industries reliant on face-to-face interaction are starting to join the Cloud revolution.

Take us for example. ParkByPlate is a data-driven license recognition software that is operated through Cloud-based software. We streamline the parking process by keeping all parking information stored in the Cloud, rather than on a property’s private server.

The process is as simple as having tenants scan a code corresponding to their parking spot, enter their car information, and pay the designated rate for the spot from their phone. 

The Cloud allows you to keep track of your property’s parking even when you aren’t at the office. This example merely scratches the surface of ways how the Cloud can help your business cut through the clutter.


COVID-19 has put a lot of businesses through hard times this past year. But it is hard times that create change and growth. Individuals and businesses have embraced the Cloud and seen their lives simplify dramatically.

One thing is for sure. Cloud-based software is here to stay. And the faster you and your business adopt this new technology, the faster you can add. a new dimension to your business that will start saving both time and money.

Share this with someone who still doesn’t understand the “Cloud”; and let us know your biggest concern with the transition to cloud-based software below.


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