You set the rules, and let your enforcement professionals do the rest. ParkByPlate partners with parking enforcement professionals who can quickly scan your lot using our powerful license plate readers, and easily identify unauthorized vehicles based on your custom rules.

You choose the penalty – Smart Warning Sticker, parking ticket, modern immobilization or removal by towing.

Date and Time Stamped

All violation citations, whether a warning, ticket or more drastic action, are date and time stamped and visible to your staff, your residents, and your enforcement professional.

Notification of Enforcement

If your enforcement professional takes action against a vehicle, you can be notified.

Photo Documentation

Photos of vehicles found in violation can be attached to the vehicle record, providing you with photo evidence of the violation.

Find violations, quickly

Property managers and enforcement agents can quickly determine if a vehicle is registered to park. When violations are found, it takes just a few clicks to document the violation and upload a photo to the vehicle record.

Record the violation using our “In The Field” feature, on any smartphone.  Add notes, upload photos, and select reason for violation.
Issuing a warning?  Link a Smart Warning Sticker to the violation, and apply it to the vehicle.
Owner can look up the violation, including the notes and photos.

Sometimes a warning isn’t enough

Some people just can’t get it right, repeatedly, and you have to step up your enforcement. With ParkByPlate, you can track violations and easily identify repeat offenders. With just a click, managers can request that specific vehicles be ticketed, immobilized, or towed the next time they get it wrong.

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