MULTIFAMILY PARKING The virtual tools you need to be efficient, modern and relevant. MULTIFAMILY PARKING Go virtual today ands stop office interruptions tomorrow. MULTIFAMILY PARKING Online visitor registration made easy. MULTIFAMILY PARKING Generate revenue with visitor parking.

Take control of your parking by never issuing another permit

We know that dealing with parking permits is time consuming. Let us help you take back your time, and gain maximum control of your parking areas. With ParkByPlate’s virtual platform, issuing and managing physical parking permits is a thing of the past. Issuing a permit has never been easier for your staff. All important data about every registered vehicle is attached to the license plate to include vehicle contact info and permit expiration.

No paper permits, no decals, no hangtags– just the license plate.

ParkByPlate’s virtual platform can help you take control of every space on your property.
With ParkByPlate you can easily manage:

Resident Parking

Visitor Parking

Reserved Spaces

Handicap Parking

Staff Parking

Commercial Vehicle Parking

ParkByPlate allows your residents, and more importantly their visitors, to obtain a parking permit anytime, even when the office is closed.

Take Control of Who Parks On Your Property

Some people will take advantage of your parking areas. ParkByPlate helps you put a stop to it. Our application also allows you to set limits, or passwords for visitor parking, eliminating abuse of your valuable spaces by unauthorized users.

Perfect for properties near “attractive nuisances”, such as a transit station, night club, or new lunch hot spot.

Generate Revenue

Parking Sessions
Parking Fee
Annual Revenue

Get Rid of Rule Breakers

ParkByPlate partners with parking enforcement professionals who can fully enforce your community’s unique parking policy. You can also easily communicate to your parking enforcement professional that it’s time for a vehicle to go. You can also revoke or terminate the parking session or virtual parking permit of any vehicle with a few clicks. Goodbye, parking problems.

  • Eliminate permit fraud
  • Put an immediate stop to over-occupancy and space abuse
  • Get your parking spaces back to those who need them
  • Easily revoke permits for evictions, early move-outs, over-occupancy, and visitor space abuse

Reporting Tools

Our robust reporting tools will give you the information you need with just a click. ParkByPlate will maintain a history of all parking activity on your property, allowing you to run reports and see what’s really going on in your parking areas.

The data you need at your fingertips, 24/7
Identify patterns and potential problems
Create detailed reports in seconds

Vehicle History

Information is power. ParkByPlate can display information about any registered vehicle on your property with just a click. Know everything about any vehicle, anytime.

Permit issue and expiration date
Vehicle Owner Contact Info
Smart Warning Stickers and Parking Tickets
Immobilizations and removals


Maybe you have unused spaces that you want to monetize, or maybe you want to charge for resident or visitor parking. Our all digital platform means there’s no expensive parking assets to buy or maintain. Let us design a revenue generating plan for your property today.

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